Javon "Pasaro" Roye

A strategic creative.

Why am I here as a freelancer?

At the age of sixteen, I found myself once again in the homeland of my parents, the land that has become my second home, Jamaica. I sat in the passenger seat of my cousin’s car as we headed to his restaurant. During the ride, I stared outside the window with wide eyes thankful to be on the island. As the ride progressed, it slowly dawned on me that nearly every other building was a restaurant. To give some context here, within one block if we passed 10 buildings then at least 6 were restaurants.

Curiously, I asked my cousin, “How do all of these restaurants survive with so much competition?” his answer remains fresh in my memory to this day.

“Every business tells a story, but people want a real story. A story they can connect with.”

After that day, I began studying story and throughout that journey, I realized that story is my passion.

In your business, event, and photoshoot rests a unique story. I want to help you bring your story to life in the most creative and strategic way possible.

View my marketing freelancer services here and my photography freelancer services here.

Also, I'm a poet!
Check out the latest visual art for my poetry.

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