Boost your Impact with Content and Social Media Marketing

Let's take your social organization or small business to the next level with content and social media marketing.

Content Marketing Services

In today’s world where the average person has an attention span of just eight seconds, creating relevant and unique content is the best way to capture the eye of your audience. As I’ve done in the past, I make sure your content is based on the story you want to bring to life. That can be the story of your brand, photoshoot, event, or video.

What you get:

  • Content Creation: Putting out a wide variety of content is key to learning what your audience likes and what they don't like. Instead of having to find multiple people, you can come to me for photographs, graphics, videography, written content, and scripts for videos.
  • Content Strategy: Creating content is only part of the battle, the next part is having a strategic plan for distribution. Content Marketing is about relevant beautiful content and distributing it to your audience to educate them about your brand and get them to engage.

Social Media Marketing Services

Right now, you might be cranking out content hoping it catches the eye of your audience. Social Media Marketing is about capturing the right audience at the right time with targeted content.  To execute this there has to be a balance of creative content and strategy.

What you get:

  • Social Media Management:

    I will manage and organically grow your social media following. In doing so, I handle the day-to-day activities of creating, curating, and managing all content as well as tracking important data..

  • Social Campaigns:
    Putting targeted advertisements in front of your audience is one of the biggest advantages of understanding your audience. I set up and run social media campaigns that appeal to those audiences.
  • Social Media Coaching and Strategy:
    When we work together, I'll leave you with clarification of what channels work best, who to target, when., and impactful data.
  • Lead Generation:
    I can help you craft social media campaigns that promote your brand while also generating leads. Have an upcoming e-book or event? These leads are the people that will read your e-book or show up to your event.

Discover how content and strategy can make your brand stand out from the rest.

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